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Effective and Reliable Pest Control Services in Redditch

The importance of pest control in Redditch for homes and businesses cannot be overstated. Pests not only pose health risks but also cause significant property damage. Understanding the risks and nuisances associated with pest infestations is crucial in safeguarding your property, and that’s what we here at PestMax are experts in.

Our Licensed Pest Control Services

As members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), our licensing and certifications stand for our commitment to quality and safety in pest control. We cover a broad spectrum of pests, including rodents, insects and wildlife. Our licensed technicians conduct thorough inspections and assessments, tailoring strategies to effectively address each unique pest situation in Redditch.

Comprehensive Solutions for Pest Control in Redditch

At PestMax, we offer a wide range of pest control services tailored to the specific needs of Redditch residents and businesses. Our services include:

Take action against rat infestations in Redditch with PestMax’s expert rodent control services. We ensure a safe and effective elimination while providing you with sustainable prevention strategies.

Rat Control

Rat Control
PestMax provides expert mice control, specialising in humane and innovative methods to rid your Redditch property of mice and keep it that way.

Mice Control

Mice Control
We provide safe and efficient wasp nest removal to eradicate the threat of wasps in and around your home or business while maintaining eco-friendly practices.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal
Our squirrel control services provide tailored solutions for humane and effective squirrel management to get them – and keep them – off your property.

Squirrel Control

Squirrel Control
Receive dependable and humane fox control services from PestMax. Our approach balances effectiveness and the well-being of wildlife to keep your Redditch home or business fox-free.

Fox Control

Fox Control
Tackle mole invasions with precision. Our services ensure your grounds are protected from mole damage with minimal ecological impact to your property.

Mole Control

Mole Control
Our unique services for managing pigeons offer a humane approach to removing them from your property, along with deterrent methods to maintain its cleanliness.

Pigeon Control

Pigeon Control
Shield your solar panels from bird damage with PestMax. We provide bird-proofing services to ensure long-term protection and efficiency.

Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Bird Proofing Solar Panels
How it Works

What To Expect When You Book A Pest Control Treatment

You may not know what to expect when you book our pest control services, but at PestMax, we strive to make the process as simple as possible.

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    Book a treatment

    The first step in the process begins with contacting our team of specialists and from there we can discuss exactly what pest control services you need. We’ll gather essential information about your issue to help us best serve you. Our experienced team of technicians are versed in handling both commercial and domestic infestations. We can handle any rodent infestations such as rats, mice, squirrels and even insects such as cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs. Contact our team and take immediate action to counteract your pest problem.

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    Your PestMax Visit(s)

    Next, we’ll visit your property to survey the area and see what tailored solutions would best suit you. Our team of specialists understands the rodent and wildlife challenges specific to Redditch. We’re experienced in providing our quality services to residential and commercial properties, utilising various techniques from trapping to the use of targeted insecticides, taking into account the size of your infestation.

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    Following our visit, you will receive a detailed report explaining the actions and procedures that were implemented. Based on what we observe, we provide advice on additional measures for future prevention. We can offer additional steps for pest-proofing and building work recommendations. At PestMax, we’re committed to ensuring your peace of mind and developing sustainable solutions to your pest problems. Even after our visit, we remain available to address any further questions or concerns post-treatment.

Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions in Redditch

At PestMax, we provide customised pest control services in Redditch designed to meet the individual requirements of residents and businesses. Our services include:

Expert Pest Controller from Pestmax pest controlling a wasps nest

Residential Pest Control in Redditch

At PestMax, we offer tailored pest control solutions for houses and apartments in Redditch. Whether it's ants, cockroaches, rodents, wasps or spiders troubling you, our team has the expertise to effectively eliminate the issue. We also implement preventive measures to maintain a pest-free environment in your home, ensuring long-term peace of mind.

The Best Local Pest Control Company

Why Choose PestMax for Pest Control in Redditch?

We offer a comprehensive pest control package, encompassing every step from identification to eradication and future prevention. Our skilled team adeptly handles a wide range of pests, including rats, mice, squirrels, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, wasps, bees, pigeons and seagulls.

Our thorough approach ensures not only the effective treatment of infestations but also the prevention of future pest issues, making us a trusted choice for pest control in Redditch.

  • Experienced Technicians

    Bringing years of expertise to pest control in Redditch, our team ensures professional and effective solutions every single time.

  • Advanced Technology

    Using state-of-the-art technology, we handle all pest infestations big and small with unmatched precision and efficiency.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our skills and dedication to the job at hand have consistently earned us 5-star ratings in customer satisfaction.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Prioritising eco-friendliness, our methods effectively manage pests and infestations while protecting the environment.

  • Same Day Service

    For urgent needs, we can offer prompt same-day pest control in Redditch for homes and businesses, addressing issues swiftly.

  • Local, Customised Solutions

    Leveraging our deep understanding of Redditch’s unique pest challenges, we provide highly effective and tailored solutions for every situation.

  • Solar Panels Done in Four Hours

    Our specialist solar panel bird-proofing service is usually completed within just four hours based on an average sized property.

  • Extra Visits for Bigger Infestations

    For more significant infestations, additional visits ensure thorough and complete resolution to your pest issues.

Lindsay Wilson

The job was completed very quickly which was of the utmost importance due to the biohazards found. I cannot recommend PestMax highly enough and out of the other two businesses I contacted claiming to be professional and responsive, Im still waiting for them to get back to me after three weeks! I realise that they were possibly not equipped for the job, whereas Dan and his experience in this kind of situation was the perfect guy.

Waqar Taxi

Kieron came out to us today, he was very helpful and polite, he was on time and very professional. The service received was great

Ruth Durham

Fantastic work from Dan. Speedy quote and work completed quickly and efficiently. Great communication. Would recommend to all.

Vicky Beattie

Dan came out the day that I called and dealt with the wasp’s nest quickly and professionally. So far we’ve seen no more wasps so I think he solved the problem! Would definitely recommend.

Matthew Holden-James

Called Dan who was great on the phone and came a day later to sort the problem. He is fantastic to deal with, explained what he was doing and why, and even cleared up as much of the dead wasps as he could. Great service, and would recommend to anyone who has a problem with wasps! Thank you

Joy Preece

Polite & professional guys who got on and did the job required. I would definately use them again and would highly recommend them.

David Cunneen

Dan got rid of a problematic wasp nest. Was super responsive, gave an overview about them and was done within 30 minutes. Great service and the best value out there

Lauren Bryant

Can not recommend pestmax more! We had a very persistent ants nest in our bathroom, we called dan out when we first noticed them. Dan arrived on time and had the upmost professionalism whilst being friendly, Dan quickly located where the nest was and advised the best treatment plan as we have an under 5 in the house. Dan was more than happy to come back to lay more bait down when needed and was easy to reach with any questions we had. I am pleased to say the ants are no more thanks to pestmax! Considering the amount of time spent and product used for this we found the pricing to be very reasonable too which helps with the way of current affairs at the moment.

Yvette Hodges

I had a problem with lots of maggots, which were coming into the house. I had tried everything, but they just kept coming back. I rung Dan and within 10 minutes he came round. The problem was linked to a wasp nest, which Dan explained in detail and he rectified the issue within an hour and a half. Dan literally is a star. He was friendly whilst remaining professional. He explained everything and discussed costs The whole matter has made me feel at ease in my own home. Would definitely recommend this company and would use again.

Alan Martin

Submitted a couple of requests for quotes via Checkatrade to have a wasps nest treated. Dan from Pestmax replied by text within minutes. I called him and agreed the price, which was very reasonable and considerably less than anyone else who replied. He came out that afternoon, on time and sorted it out. I’ll definitely recommend him and use him again should the need arise. Cheers mate - good job

Julie Slade

Just the most helpful kind people which I can’t thank enough highly recommend

Belinda Rea

We had A rat in our garden. Dan was soon out as I am petrified of them. He put poison down in a proper rat box and made sure everything was safe for our dogs. A week later came back to see if there was any progress. Sachets of poison had been taken back to the burrow. He put my mind at ease to tell me that with the amount taken any rats would be well gone. He took the remaining poison and box away for peace of mind with the dogs. A lovely, friendly and reassuring man. I wouldn’t hesitate to use again thoroughly recommend. Thanks Dan.

Nicola Seymour-Smith

Dan was really helpful and friendly. Explained exactly what needed to be done, was efficient professional and the service was a reasonable price. I’m glad to say the wasps are gone!

Nat T

Excellent response and service would highly recommend. Visited same day. Helped advise us of the best and safest course of action, wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Thank you


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